Why voice search is a mandatory feature for your site

Why You Should Add Voice Search to Your Site

Not all people want to enter their queries into a traditional search bar. Many users prefer to speak a request on their iPhone, smartphone, tablet or laptop. With this function, they can make a request much quicker and with greater convenience. Voice search is actively being used in search traffic, and it's a growing way of searching eCommerce sites. Its increasing popularity has been confirmed by various studies.

Over 71% of consumers prefer to utilize voice search instead of text search. Voice search offers convenience while solving everyday issues and looking for certain goods or services. When given the option, 40% of consumers will choose their voice to make a purchase. Those numbers are growing every year.

This is why eCommerce business owners should include a voice search tool on their sites. We are going to tell you more about the benefits of such a function for all online stores and platforms.

Why You Should Add Voice Search to Your Site

3 Reasons to Offer Voice Search

Are you unsure about when to optimize your website for voice search? The answer is simple—right now. Pioneers have already started to offer this service. Voice search is a real breakthrough for search traffic. You can join other eCommerce leaders and change the future of online sales by modernizing your site. It will undoubtedly bring you a great profit.

Voice shopping is expected to reach a record $40 billion by 2022 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

3 Reasons to Offer Voice Search

With the help of voice search, you can increase your revenue and scale your business. But that's not all. Here are a few reasons that explain why your online business needs voice search.

Easily search for products

This is the first and the main reason. After all, the task of any online store is to help customers find the products they need. Voice search always reduces the search time. A customer doesn't need to type anything into the search bar. It's enough to just say a few words. Voice search greatly simplifies the purchasing process.

On average, a person types 35 words per minute and speaks about 100–130 words per minute. Voice search really helps customers find information faster without typing a query.

About 42% of people use voice search specifically while they're driving. Therefore, it is not surprising that the prospects for the development of this opportunity are high. After all, this is a more convenient function compared to others.

Quickly gives results

Voice search for eCommerce is a tool that functions on the basis of artificial intelligence. This smart functionality offers a great advantage. Voice search backed by artificial intelligence includes the following features: good speed, behavioral search, and phonetic similarity search.

Researchers note that voice search is 3.7 times faster than physical text input using the keyboard.

The customer does not need to waste time and think about how to type a request. They just speak it out loud. Your site should be able to understand the speech of various people and give results for the keywords that they say most often when searching for a certain product. Only a competent intellectual search function can cope with these requirements. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable program with a wide range of functionality from the very beginning.

Improves brand image

If you offer new opportunities and technologies, customers understand that you're providing value. They see that you are investing in innovation and your own development. Customers like to see that you are taking care to provide a positive shopping experience. Therefore, they begin to evaluate your site differently and internalize that your brand is both modern and adapted to customers.

Use voice search for your business

Do you have your own online store, restaurant, coffee shop, or beauty salon? Implement a voice search function on your site to improve customer engagement. The same applies to owners of service enterprises, hotels and motels, car service stations, food delivery sites, taxis, etc. The arrival of voice search is changing the world, and you need to learn how to follow innovations in order to stay relevant to customers.

If you are looking for a convenient intelligent search for your site, look no further than Evinent Search. Our voice search tool will allow you to customize search results for your visitors and help them quickly find products. This will increase your sales conversion rate. Start for free to evaluate the features of Evinent Search yourself.

Allow users to search for information and make purchases on your site quickly and easily.

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