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The perfect site search bar

The search bar on your company's website should always be user-friendly. With an effective site search, customers will be able to find the right products easily and make more purchases. They'll be more likely to trust your company and return because you provide convenience. In this article, we will share tips that will help you make your search function as convenient as possible for site visitors.

The perfect site search bar

Correct location of the search bar

When a customer visits a website that presents a lot of products, they immediately look for the search bar. Therefore, it should be in full view. The best place is at the top of the site or in the center of the screen. This way, the search function will be available to everyone who needs it. If there is a Basket, Menu, or Contacts icon in the upper right corner, then the search bar should be placed to the left.

Don't hide the search bar inside the menu or at the bottom of the page under any circumstances. If a customer doesn't see the search bar immediately, they'll likely decide that it does not exist at all. Avoid forcing customers to hunt for the search function.

Correct location of the search bar

The search bar should appear on every page of your site, not just on the main page. If a visitor suddenly wants to find a new product, they will not have to wander around the site. Users will definitely appreciate your concern for their personal time. If you know that the most of the visitors will immediately use the search bar to get information, put extra focus on it. For example, place the panel at the end of the page or under the main title.

Text field and search button

The easiest way to designate a search function is to place a horizontal line with a text field and add a button with a magnifying glass image next to it. This is the most easy-to-understand option that people are looking for on websites. The text field should be simple, with a height for one line of text. You can play with the design, but don't overdo it. Otherwise, users may not recognize it as a search bar.

The search button itself is a very important signal for sending a request. If it is not there, users may find themselves wondering whether the site will work independently after entering the request or they need to press a key.

Most people read information from left to right. Therefore, the line for entering the query should be on the left, and the button should be on the right.

Placeholder text

You can add useful text to the search bar. It will be like a kind of call to action. A special phrase will prompt users to enter their query. For example, add "Enter a keyword" to the search bar. After that, conduct analytics and edit the text based on customers' reactions.

Placeholder text

Voice search

Any modern, client-oriented site has a voice search function. It allows people to enter their requests by voice. This is especially convenient for users who are going to make a purchase via smartphone. In this way, you provide a convenient, accessible option for customers.

Adapting the search bar for mobile versions of websites

Mobile devices accounted for almost 55% of global internet traffic in 2021. For this reason, it's important for site owners to pay attention to creating mobile versions of sites. This also includes adapting the search bar for convenient use through a smartphone/tablet screen.

If the search bar has the same appearance as in the regular version for computers, then it will not be comfortable to enter the query. As a result, people will quickly leave the site.

The search bar in a mobile version can be hidden behind a magnifying glass icon. This way, you will save space and maintain a simple appearance on your site.

Setting up search results

When they're in a hurry, people can make typos and write brand names incorrectly. Some people prefer to enter a request using voice dialing. Many customers like it when a site offers options for auto-completion of their requests. If you introduce such "chips" into your search function, then customer loyalty increases.

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