What is customer-centric marketing for e-commerce?

How customer-focused marketing helps your business

49% of customers make more purchases if you use customer-oriented marketing. This approach improves the loyalty of users, which leads to an increase in the number of repeat purchases. You can earn more if you learn to distinguish between the interests of your customers.

There is a significant difference between regular customers and seasonal ones who are waiting for discounts. When you understand the best approach to each category of customer, you win because you get more profit and improve your reputation.

customer-centric marketing for e-commerce

Features of customer-oriented marketing

Marketing usually refers to the ability to listen and hear the customer in order to create offers tailored to their needs. You must be able to sell to those clients who really need the product. Customer-oriented marketing requires an even deeper understanding of sales.

Customer-oriented marketing is the part of marketing aimed at working with customers who bring the company profit. Its main goal is to increase the number of customers who are ready to use a service or buy a product.

Many companies continue to lose money because they don't pay attention to regular customers. Customer orientation helps to understand the uniqueness of each user and their individual value.

The main principles of customer-oriented marketing include

  1. Improvement of quality service.
  2. Provision of special services.
  3. Selling products that meet the expectations of customers.
  4. Close communication with clients through consultations or feedback.
According to research statistics, 86% of buyers are willing to overpay if they like the service of the company. When people get a personalized experience, more than 49% make spontaneous purchases.

It's important to understand that customer retention and loyalty are not the same thing. Customer focus helps to distinguish between these two concepts. Loyal customers always bring in almost three times more profit than new customers.

All companies should be careful and attentive because about 32% of users are willing to abandon the company's services and products if the user experience is at a low level.

The probability of selling

How to improve customer focus

The key to successful customer-oriented marketing is the accessibility of customer information. It's a valuable currency for companies that provide services on the internet. Customer data in e-commerce can be divided into 4 main categories: personal, behavioral, interaction, and relationship data. If you collect information about customers, you are already bypassing the competition because you can offer people more and change your marketing strategies.

The main goal of consumer-oriented marketing is not just one online sale, but also a long-term relationship with a specific customer. The latter factor depends on how you interact with the user.

To increase customer focus, you need to understand how customers differ from each other. You should also know how to attract customers from different target audiences. The following tools come to the rescue to do this:

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The system identifies the user through interactive channels and creates a single profile for this information.

Customer lifecycle (CLM)

This is the study of the stages that a person goes through when interacting with a brand. CLM helps to change your marketing strategy by taking into account the stage.

Personalized campaigns

The main goal is to convince customers that the brand is right for them.

Process automation

The system must recognize which message should be sent to whom. There should be a clear segmentation of buyers.

A/B testing system

You should compare control and test groups to determine those that have a positive impact on sales.

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