How to attract customers in the field of e-commerce: marketing trends in 2021

E-Commerce Marketing: Trends in 2021

For the e-commerce industry, 2020 was an unexpected shock. Despite the significant changes around the world, the e-commerce industry has benefited from the situation. Many retailers and service providers have moved into the online space to keep their businesses going and provide customers with access to their products/services. In 2021, the pandemic is still evolving, but the e-commerce sector still has a dominant position.

It's important for everyone who is involved in online commerce to get acquainted with the new trends of the industry in the current year. Having the right tools will help you create a successful marketing strategy and outperform your competitors.

Mobile e-commerce: purchases made on mobile phones

Mobile e-commerce is the trend of 2021, which should be acknowledged by online stores seeking to stay relevant. Mobile transactions are increasing every year. It forces companies that are engaged in online commerce to change their approach to customer service.

According to forecasts, in 2021, sales of goods/services using smartphones and other mobile devices will account for almost 73% of total sales in online commerce. Mobile commerce sales will increase by 22.3% to $3.56 trillion.

Sales Growth table

V-Commerce – Voice Search

Voice technologies are firmly entrenched in the retail experience and the everyday lives of consumers. Companies should think about optimizing content for voice search. The convenience of technology and increasing accuracy are among the main reasons for the rise of V-Commerce. Virtual assistants allow you to get a quick response to your request, regardless of what a person is doing—driving, cooking, going to work, etc.

Sales through voice search are expected to reach $40 billion by 2022.

Voice Commerce Sales


Did you know that consumers spend almost 50% more if they receive individual offers or a personal approach? Retail personalization is a powerful tool for capturing customer data. Customer data allows you to encourage purchases and improve the quality of service.

There is a substantial growth trend in e-commerce companies that use programs to personalize marketing, which is expected to increase by 15% in 2021.

Smart search on your site

With the increase in demand for purchases in online stores, there is one big problem. Users have become more demanding. Most people don't want to waste time searching through pages of products. Visitors just want to go to the website, search for the desired product, and see if something similar is in stock. Therefore, it's important for companies to think about implementing smart search on their sites. The most important requirement is that it responds to a broad range of customer requests (even those that are written with an error).

Website search is a serious step towards interacting with customers and selling more products.

Smart search

A few more trends to keep in mind in 2021

1.Virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality - About 61% of online consumers prefer to purchase on sites that support AR technology.

2.Multi-channel purchases - Being able to make sales through different channels and on devices. Consumers in 50% of cases use about 6 unique channels.

3.Mix online and offline offerings - Before going to the store, more than 70% of customers check products and inventory online.

4.The involvement of social networks - About 80% of marketers believe that advertising from influencers is more effective.

5.The increase in consumer confidence - It's important to be transparent in 2021 because more than 60% of buyers consider that to be one of the most attractive qualities in a company.

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