3 Reasons to Use Evinent Search as a Search Engine

If you are looking for a service to help your customers find products on your online shop or marketplace site, Evinent Search is an ideal choice.

You can make the most of this service by using keywords on your site to help customers find the products they want.

Instead of making customers search on their own, Evinent Search narrows down the products that they may want to buy.

3 Reasons to Use Evinent Search as a Search Engine

Using keywords for your site can help you customers find the most relevant products for their business or personal needs. If you do not know which keywords are most important for your site, Evinent Search can help you identify them.

What's the difference between retail companies who use basic versus advanced site search engines?

Retail companies with basic site search lose customers due to reduced functionality in their search engines. Using an advanced site search increases sales conversion rates, leading to higher revenue.

There's a reason why retailers who invest in advanced search capabilities see 50% higher conversion rates.

Those that avoid advanced search struggle to find other sales strategies both online and offline.

Based on our extensive experience analyzing all aspects of companies' marketing strategies, we have identified three key reasons to partner with our smart search service:

  • Increased control – Instead of calling busy IT teams to make changes, team members with the most insight into consumer behavior are given the tools they need to monitor and optimize site search performance.
  • Customized feedback – An effective site search experience is about more than just speed and relevance. It should also include features like personalization, filtering, and analytics.
  • Enhanced performance evaluations – Data from search engine analytics will help you define key performance indicators for your specific industry, business, and overall marketplace. Evaluate different tactics and assess their outcome.

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