Why site search is so important for SEO

Top 5 site search indicators for SEO

Website search is a favorite feature of many users. All companies should pay special attention to its ongoing improvement and modernization. It is also important to monitor site search data through trending and analysis. Site search indicators allow you to study users' behavior in greater and track the effectiveness of intelligent search. Metrics also enable you to make correct changes to your site so that it fully satisfies customers' expectations.

In this article, we are going to look at the main search indicators that can improve the SEO strategy of website promotion.

Why site search is so important for SEO


Keywords are an opportunity for a business owner to see how customers search for the same product in different ways. People enter similar phrases in the Google search bar to find products. Therefore, based on an analysis of internal site search data, it's possible to prioritize SEO and optimize advertising campaigns.


Unlike keywords, a request is a whole package of information for SEO. The analysis of the queries that people enter into the search bar allows you to understand what users needs and what topics/products/content they are interested in. Information about internal search queries makes it possible to take strategic actions to improve the site. For example, to display popular products at the top of search results, you should expand content and place a RecommendedItems block on the main page.

Click-through rate (CTR)

The number of impressions that end with a click is a very important indicator. It highlights the accuracy of the search engine and allows you to gauge the interests of the site's customer base.

If the click-through rate is high, then site users are likely satisfied.

If the CTR is low, it means that the site does not meet the expectations of users. In this case, you need to address the relevance of search results.

Click-through rate (CTR)


This is a very important metric that you need to track in order to make your business competitive and understand which queries work best. Conversion rates show which products people are more interested in and which lead to purchases.

If you see queries with a low CPC, but their conversion rate is high, then you can find connecting elements for visitors. Content that provides a good conversion rate is relevant to users and useful for SEO.

Click position

The click position for different products on the site allows you to see how accessible they are to buyers. If the click position of the products in demand is low, then problems may arise when searching for it. In this case, it is necessary to take time to work out those requests.

The availability of this data makes it possible to significantly improve both the search engine and the SEO promotion strategy as a whole. The analysis of click position data shows an accurate picture of user interests, which is very important for driving online campaigns.

The best features of Evinent Search analytics

Our convenient Search Analytics function is backed by our intelligent Evinent Search tool. With the help of analytics, you can carry out the following key tasks:

  1. Audit all requests.
  2. View charts and tables.
  3. Collect data on user behavior while using site search.

These key indicators allow you to improve the search function and obtain important data to adjust your brand-promotion strategy.

In addition, you will enjoy the other related features of our Evinent Search tool: autocomplete, spelling corrections, multilingualism, synonym search, ability to change the keyboard layout, and more. Explore all the search features from Evinent and start improving your website today.


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