Why Do Websites Need a Search Function for Content?

Why Do Websites Need Smart Content Search?

The search function on a site allows you to directly see what your customers are looking for. As a rule, customers who use the search bar on your website know what they really want.

Your site definitely needs a search. In this case, the conversion rate can be up to 50% higher than the average.

The search on an ecommerce site is not limited to searching for products and making a specific list of products appear based on that request. We shouldn't forget that people can search for useful and important content on your web resource. If you allow customers to find more than just products, you bring them closer to buying. What are the features of a content search function, and why is it needed? We'll tell you about it further.

Why Do Websites Need Smart Content Search?

How content search increases the time spent by visitors on a site

Before making a purchase, many people want to get additional information about a desired product. In some cases, they simply don't have enough understanding of the features and the purpose of the product in question.

If there are informational articles on your site that help visitors find answers to their questions and learn more, this can be an effective way of convincing them that they need to purchase the product.

The main thing is that your search tool should be able to lead customers not only to product categories, but also to relevant articles. The search tool gently pushes visitors to buy, gradually convincing them that the product/service is necessary for them.

While a person is reading an article, they are on the site. They begin to get used to the interface and functionality. The brand logo becomes more familiar. As a result, there is a good connection between you and the visitor. Therefore, it increases the probability that they will move from the category of a potential customer to an established one.

When your customers can get useful content on the site, they don't need to turn to Google. This means the information search path ends on your web resource.

If a person goes to Google, there is the risk that they will check websites from your competitors. That could result in you losing a customer and a sale.

Content search makes your site into a universal portal where people can find both products and useful information. This leads to a stronger relationship and increases customer loyalty, driving up the number of purchases.

How content search increases the time spent by visitors on a site

Top 5 tips that will help increase the return of customers from content search

If you want to get the most out of your content search function, consider the following key recommendations:

1. Create educational content.

Educational articles fill in the gaps in visitors' knowledge. This is important for people who make thoughtful purchases that require a lot of additional research and convincing information.

2. Create guides for buyers.

Help customers understand how to use the product, deal with technical elements, and more.

3. Write articles, taking into account the site search reports.

Be sure to track what people are looking for and create content for these queries. Even if you do not offer such products/services, link the information with the products that are on the site. Perhaps a person will be interested in it, even if they did not directly search for it.

4. Remember to use SEO.

There is not enough purely informative content today. It must be SEO optimized and contain queries that people enter in your site's search bar and on Google. This way, your content will be ranked highly in search engine results, and your web resource will become more recognizable.

5. Make other pages besides those with articles available.

Any visitor to your site should be able to search for the terms of returns, delivery, payment, etc. To reduce the need to search for these details, add these pages to your site search function.

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