How customer data platforms helps companies become customer oriented

Why customer data platforms support customer orientation

Understanding customers' needs and providing excellent service increase customer satisfaction by 643 percent. This is one of the main reasons why companies from different fields pay attention to customer orientation. But contact with people is not established in just one day. Companies have to keep customers happy to build a long-term connection. In order to achieve this goal, you must become a customer-oriented company.

How customer data platforms helps companies become customer oriented

What does “customer orientation" mean?

Let's first discuss the idea of customer relationships and building a customer-oriented culture. Customer focus is when a company puts customer needs first in every aspect of the business, from marketing to product development.

This means that the brand forms a corporate culture that is aimed at satisfying consumers and building strong long-term relationships.

When we talk about the concept of “customer-oriented marketing," we are talking about strategies beyond the marketing team and the owner of the company. In modern times, technology allows you to collect and store basic data that can serve as a foundation for a customer-oriented approach. Customer data platforms (CDPs) are integral to this process.

A customer data platform allows you to do the following:

  1. Gain an unified view of the client.
  2. Segment people by different criteria like desired services and purchased goods.
  3. Develop predictive models to understand the lifetime value of the client.

How a CDP system creates a 360-degree view of the client

The idea of a 360-degree view of a customer is based on the fact that all points of interaction are combined into one database. Why do companies need this? Maintaining information in one place allows you to conduct in-depth analysis and configure complex automated marketing scenarios with ease.

Having a 360-degree view of the customer helps you make informed decisions that improve the quality of service and increase profitsyou're your company.

Having a 360-degree view of the customer helps you make informed decisions

How are CDPs related to a comprehensive view of customers? Directly!

CDP systems aggregate data from different points of contact, structure them into customer profiles, and allow other systems to access them. The platform makes it possible to abandon manual data verification and improves the working processes of the company as a whole.

Collected data may fall within the following functional areas:

  • Behavioral: Information obtained after a person interacts with a mobile application or website
  • Personal: Name, address, contact information, birthday, and more
  • Transactional: Refunds, purchases and any other information related to making payments
  • Advertising metrics: Reach, engagement, impressions
  • Interaction with customer service: The time that the client communicated, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and more

Without CDPs, this data is usually stored in different isolated repositories. This makes it difficult for companies to provide consistent customer service through different channels. CDPs create comprehensive consumer profiles in one place. They collect data from social networks and email, CRM and DMP, cookies, transactional systems, and more. That's why having a CDP is so important for a customer-oriented business.

Creating predictive analysis with the Evinent Analytics platform

Good companies always strive to meet customer expectations, but whether these expectations will be the same in a month or two is often uncertain. Therefore, good companies also keep up with changing expectations. Adaptation is the only way to ensure a successful personalized experience.

The Evinent Analytics customer data platform can help by providing competent predictive analysis. It successfully integrates with ERP, CRM, accounting systems, online stores, and call centers.

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