Mobile site search: how to attract more customers

Nowadays, more people search on mobile phones than computers or even laptops. They're also more likely to leave a site if it isn't mobile-friendly or properly customized for mobile navigation. Mobile-friendly platforms and quick navigation are key to providing a satisfactory user experience. However, these two elements alone don't always lead to success in website optimization. Content also plays a significant role.

Mobile site search: how to attract more customers

If you own an ecommerce website, you probably expect your site to be effective in sales conversions, which requires a simple way for customers to navigate, locate items, and make purchases.

Rates of conversion can be greatly increased if the settings for the desktop and mobile versions of your sites includes:

  • Letting users explore before they commit
  • Letting users purchase as a guest
  • Using existing information to maximize convenience
  • Using click-to-call buttons for complex tasks
  • Making it easy to finish converting on another device

Site search for your website, on both the desktop and mobile versions, is the perfect tool to encourage your visitors to buy something, even if they do not know exactly what they want.

Evinent Site Search is optimized for mobile devices from the start, with a search experience that works great on any device or browser.

In-built Evinent Search features include:

  • Showing instant search results and suggestions based on typed characters
  • Displaying search box and category filters in the header
  • Showing relevant keyword suggestions
  • Displaying products in search results with price, rating, and “add to cart" button
  • Limiting number of products, blogs, etc. shown in the search drop down
  • Supporting easy configuration from the back end

Evinent GmbH is a Germany-based company specializing in platform development for mobile devices and delivering B2B/B2C solutions without compromising on outstanding user experience. At Evinent, we take pride in transparency and detailed planning throughout the entire process. Our goal is to empower our customers to increase profits, expand their businesses, and drive growth.
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