Solutions for ecommerce to stop losing money

Many online shops, including big ecommerce retailers, vary in terms of popularity, market position, and specialization according to their respective industries and target audiences.

But the common factor for all is that every website can be regarded as successful when it increases the number of visits, new customers, customers with repeat visits, and purchases to achieve higher revenue.

Solutions for ecommerce to stop losing money

There are things like marketing and pricing that affect prospective customers, but they can also be influenced by website features. These may include:

1. Navigation

Your website is cool, but users don't know where to click or how to get to the right place. Navigation of products must not only be intuitive and fast, but also updated to reflect changing needs.

Test whether your website is easy to follow and the menu really assists customers in easily moving around.

2. Search engine

When your customers are restless or confused, they shift to other sites and make purchases there.

Having a search engine like Evinent Search in your online shop will help users easily find what they are looking for, even if they can only guess at what they would like to buy or make a bunch of mistakes when typing queries.

A good exercise to check your ecommerce user experience is to ask someone who has never visited your website to find a specific product.

3. Customer data analytics built into your site

You can get a wealth of information about your customers' shopping patterns by using data analytics. You will also have access to additional functions, such as marketing performance analytics, predictive behavior and decision modeling, and communicative tools.

Based on evaluations from companies that use the Evinent Analytics platform, you can have such features like:

▪ user-friendly tools that are easy to navigate

▪ single database for customer profiles and other data from any internal or external source

▪ accessibility by external systems and a structure that supports advertising/marketing data needs for campaign management, marketing analyses, and business strategy

4. Combinations of tools

A combination of the aforementioned tools will definitely lead to higher customer loyalty and retention as all the steps on your site, including your sales funnel, will be easy for your potential customer to use.

If you apply a smart search engine with machine learning algorithms built in, you can consistently increase all your indicators, starting with new visits, more clicks, more popularity for your service, and more revenue.

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