How to use data about new consumers in the e-commerce market to increase sales

Generation Alpha is the key to the future of e-commerce. Who are they, and how do they affect e-commerce?

Generation Alpha is a brand-new demographic that is confidently following in the footsteps of Generations X, Y, and Z. According to forecasts, it will be the largest generation in world history. Gen Alpha includes children who were born in 2010, the younger sisters and brothers of Generation Z. All children born before 2025 will be added to this category. The sheer size of it is quite impressive.

The children of this new generation have not yet reached the age of adolescence. Despite this, they affect the e-commerce market and the purchasing power of millennial parents. These are new consumers of online shopping. It is important to find the right approach for these young shoppers in order to keep your business flourishing over time.

Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha: interesting facts about the new e-commerce consumer

The first question is why we call it Gen Alpha. These are children who were born in the new century. The first letter of the Greek alphabet perfectly symbolizes the transition to a new age.

Why is Generation Alpha the biggest? All over the world, and especially in Asian countries, almost 3 million children are born every week. Why does inclusion in this group start from 2010? It's the beginning of the digital age, the time period that introduced the first iPad and launched Instagram.

The children of Generation Alpha are completely different from their millennial parents and Generation X. They grow up with a smartphone in the palm of their hand, a smartwatch on their hands, and wireless headphones in their ears. Thanks to parents who use social networks while awaiting their newest addition, getting to know the children of Generation Alpha takes place before their birth. They are already entering the digital path of their future.

More than 50% of primary school students will work in a profession that does not yet exist.

How does Generation Alpha affect the purchasing power of parents?

The reality of 2021 and beyond is that children under the age of 10 are influencing the e-commerce market. Even if they are not part of the target audience, their interests still need to be taken into account. Alpha children seriously influence the purchasing power and behavior of their parents.

All brands that want to remain influential and in demand should consider children when developing a marketing strategy.

Children are already interacting with products and toys that meet the needs of the next generation. From this, we can conclude that the behavioral analysis of consumers with children should be important for companies. The child should like the product.

About 27% of parents ask their child's opinion before buying computer equipment, and roughly 65% of parents consider the needs of their children when shopping.

Generation Alpha affect the purchasing power

How should we sell to kids under 10 years of age to increase profits?

The children of Gen Alpha are a favorable opportunity to look forward to the future. You can identify the key factors that will help attract this new target audience. But you need to learn how to sell to children right now. The first step is to start communicating in their language. Remember that what appealed to Generation Y doesn't work with Alpha now.

Useful tips on sales to Generation Alpha for business owners in the field of e-commerce

  1. Take care of the environment. More than 66% of children are willing to buy from companies that care about protecting nature.
  2. Don't take into account the gender division. Girls of the new generation love the Marvel universe, and boys are ready to listen to fashion.
  3. Use voice assistants. The development of search engine capabilities strongly affects children. They are more likely to use voice assistants.
  4. Work with influencers. More than 50% of children are encouraged to buy because of posts on social networks, such as Likee or TikTok. Almost 15% of them want to get a product from their hero.

How should we sell to kids

If you want to set up an effective marketing strategy, it's important to analyze the interests of customers and correctly predict their purchases. The Evinent Analytics system allows you to take a narrow selection of consumers and analyze data or customer behavior based on that subset of users.

As a result, the client receives relevant recommendations for products and services, including those tailored to the children of Generation Alpha.

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