Conversion Efficiency of Websites and Mobile Apps: Numerical Data and Arguments

Mobile apps vs. websites: What helps you increase your conversion rate in e-commerce?

With the advent of mobile devices with internet connectivity, the number of users who make purchases and search for information through a computer has significantly decreased. In the first three months of 2020, mobile users represented more than half of overall internet traffic. This fact prompted business owners to start using mobile channels more effectively to attract consumers.

There are two ways to solve the problem of mobile shopping. The first is to create a mobile version of an existing site while the second is to develop an application. Although their functions and appearance are similar, conversion rates and levels of service are different.

According to the Criteo research report, when compared to the mobile versions of websites, apps give a conversion rate two times higher. Apps also have 1,5 times more conversions in a single session.

Conversion Efficiency of Websites and Mobile Apps

Why do apps work better than other sales channels?

The effectiveness of mobile applications has been confirmed by numerous studies. For example, in a Criteo study, it was noted that products are viewed in apps four times more in a single session than on mobile versions of websites. A report by Sensor Tower revealed that users downloaded apps more than 72 billion times in the first 6 months of 2020. That indicator increased by 26% compared to last year.

Another key fact is that people spend 90% of their time on mobile phones using apps. Only 10% of overall use occurs in browsers or on websites.

In relation to e-commerce, the advantage of mobile applications is obvious. On average, users spend more than 200 minutes on apps per month compared to only about 11 minutes on websites. Mobile apps are relevant in many industries: travel, retail, entertainment, and other on-demand fields.

The most interesting fact is that many users learn about the existence of an application after visiting the website. People usually download it after they have previously familiarized themselves with the company's activities on the official page through the browser. So, we see that a website is a good resource for getting to know the consumer and showing them the value offered by the company in question.

Mobile applications work best at the last stage of the sales funnel when the site has already «warmed up» the user's feelings for the company.

Why do users choose web applications? What are their main advantages?

  1. Consumers prefer apps over websites for the following reasons:
  2. High speed query processing.
  3. The ability to add several products to the cart, which will remain even if you exit the program.
  4. Authorization with one-time data input that allows you to make an order with a single click. The bounce rate for purchases through websites is 73%. This is due to the fact that people need to enter data every time they want to place an order.
  5. Sending push messages with promotions and discounts that keep the brand in the user's mind.

Conversion Efficiency of Websites and Mobile AppsDespite the increase in user activity of mobile applications, we can't say that websites will become obsolete. In many cases, a good conversion rate is the result of two mobile channels.

A two-pronged approach increases the chances of higher profits

Numerical Data and Arguments

It's important to optimize your site correctly in order to attract people who continue to search for products and services through a traditional browser. In order to increase your conversion rate, you need to fulfill users' search queries. Customers who are ready to buy will visit your site with the expectation of making a purchase if they can find the right product.

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