Evinent Analytics as a Human Resources Analytics Platform

Many different kinds of customer data platforms have been created throughout the years to satisfy the needs of various businesses. These platforms are especially popular with commerce-based companies. However, all sectors and departments can benefit from analytics, including companies that provide Human Resources services and corporations with large HR departments.

Thus, machine learning algorithms can strengthen existing HR competencies and automate functions to increase organizational efficiency.

Streamline interviews and new candidate feedback

With Evinent Analytics, you can build upon your employer brand and improve your candidate experience. Our main goal is to help you improve your recruitment process and turn more candidates into hires by becoming a data-driven HR team. With our software, you will be able to:

  • Measure your candidate experience.
  • Collect candidate feedback automatically.
  • Customize your data to analyze your applicant pool.
  • Break down all collected data in different countries, departments, or individuals.
  • Invite users to different applicant pools based on your needs.

Automated salary analysis

  • Money matters. When employers make a new hire, they must determine what the new employee will be paid. If employers are not careful, new hires can come in with a higher salary than the employees that currently work at the same job. This discrepancy can cause employee turnover and dissatisfaction.
  • After analyzing salary data, you can revise your salary policy and KPIs while ensuring your employees are fairly compensated in relation to their peers.

Performance management

Performance management helps businesses keep track of employee performance to ensure that compensation packages are appropriate.
  • The process of rating employees is somewhat subjective and frequently involves a numerical rating.
  • Organizations should check that ratings are being given with regard to performance and not an individual manager's preferences or biases (whether conscious or subconscious).
  • Workers' compensation In many industries, workplace safety is a critical consideration. Maintaining a safe workplace provides employees with confidence and reduces costs for workers' compensation and legal liabilities.

Staff engagement

Social scientists define engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. There is disagreement about the strength of the connection between employee engagement and business outcomes, but the idea is that employees who are engaged will be more productive and stay with the organization longer.

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Fighting Fraud in Manufacturing

According to economists, manufacturing businesses are ranked fourth in the number of reported fraud cases and second in total money lost out of all industries. The most common types of fraud are related to corruption, fraudulent payoffs, and doctored financial records.

Battling fraud is complicated by the fact that fraud in manufacturing usually continues for two years before it is detected. Occupational fraud is more likely to be detected by accident than by internal or external audit and controls.

The most common reason that companies are vulnerable to fraud is a lack of sufficient controls and analysis to detect suspicious behavior. The most sensitive areas are accounting, financial operations, materials, and supply chain.

These are several methods that businesses can use to develop a strong policy on preventing fraud

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