Choosing the right search engine for a website | Top 5 required features

How to choose a search engine for a website

Internal site search is an essential feature that helps visitors quickly navigate through an assortment of products, services, or items. If your resource has a search bar, it means that you care about user convenience. People appreciate that. The right search affects the indexing of the site, guides visitors, and helps them find what they need. At the same time, the search function helps you collect customer data to improve the user experience.

Site search increases people's desire to make a purchase

The search bar itself isn't the only aspect of a successful site search. The most important thing is how well the search function works. When choosing a search engine for a site, there are several key factors to consider.

Choosing the right search engine for a website

Search Analytics

The analysis of search queries helps to improve promotional strategy and make purchases more convenient for customers. It's very important to analyze search queries on the site control panel. The presence of a search analytics function allows you to do the following:

  • Audit requests
  • View search charts
  • Avoid null results when entering a query

The resulting analytical data will help you understand exactly what people are interested in. Perhaps this will inspire you to create a new product that is not yet in your product range.

Understanding customers' wishes

You should understand that people can enter their search query in the search bar in different ways. A smart search engine must recognize the intent of potential customers, then output the result, regardless of how the request was submitted. Useful search engine features that will increase your sales include:

1. Relevance — The site search must provide relevant results for any entered search query.

2. Dynamic filters — Choose a system that will search for products by label, class, price, or other properties.

Your search engine must understand the difference between queries and produce the appropriate results. One person may use the term “book case" while another uses “bookshelf." The system must recognize this difference and show customers what they want to see.

3. Voice search — Users actively use the voice search function in search engines. If a microphone icon appears on the search bar of your site, this function will increase the person's desire to speak their request. This will save users time. In this way, you will establish yourself as a customer-centric company.

Autofill function

People value their time. When you understand them with half a term and offer product options before they fully fill in the search bar, this level of attentiveness increases customer loyalty.

Imagine that a person enters “Xiao" into the search bar and the system automatically shows the products that are associated with this name. For example, “Xiaomi" may be one result. This is convenient and reduces the time spent searching for products. Accordingly, the person finds what they would like to buy faster.

Autofill function

Errors in search terms

People don't always spell properly and often make mistakes by accident. If you choose a search engine, make sure that it has features similar to the following:

  1. Automatically corrects errors when entering a request
  2. Adds missing letters
  3. Removes repeat letters
  4. Takes into account similar options
Even if the client writes “smrtphne," your search engine should understand the intent and provide options from the “Smartphones" category.


In ordinary life, we don't think about the difference between “smartphone" and “mobile phone." However, there are differences. Therefore, your site should have a synonym setting. This way, the search engine will understand which relevant product results to provide for your client. This function will be able to capture any imaginable phrases that customers make up and provide the necessary search results.

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