How To Optimize Search Bars For Ecommerce Websites

In this article, we will lead you through how to enhance the customer experience and conversion rates on your ecommerce website by optimizing search bar functionality.

An enhanced search bar will help visitors quickly locate what they're looking for among thousands of items on your site.

How To Optimize Search Bars For Ecommerce Websites

You may consider site search to be a basic feature for an online shop, but a lot of ecommerce stores do not recognize the full value of an efficient search bar.

Here are 7 top tips to helping to help you transform your online marketplace and increase conversions by adding an optimized search bar function:

● Site Design - First, take a look at how big retail companies arrange and design their search bars. They frequently have a user-friendly, customizable, and interactive search bar. You have to ensure that the search process is as simple as pushing a button to conduct a search and get results. Customers often look for the search bar in the first place to help them navigate a site.

● Filtering the Results Page - The search results page can uncover all queries related to users' input, but you can help narrow them by filtering. Partnering with multifunctional site search engines can help you customize results based on target audience, your sphere, products, and even customers' behavior.

● Enable Search by Synonyms - Customers often use synonyms instead of exact words while searching for products. For example, users may be searching for “cell phones" when they're actually listed as “mobile phones" in your online store. To handle this, you should consider developing a custom function that can analyze the customers' search terms and suggest items with similar meanings.

● Installing Multilingual Search - For large ecommerce stores that serve customers from all over the world, it's limiting to only allow searching in English. By offering multilingual searches, stores will be able to reach a broader worldwide audience. This can also build positive customer relationships by demonstrating that you respect differences.

● Offer Price & Add-to-Cart Results - Displaying the price of each product can help customers instantly figure out which item meets their price target. Enabling the add-to-cart feature on suggestion boxes allows customers to choose and buy items right from the results page.

● Provide Personalized Searches – Searches can be personalized by keeping a search history of users' queries and using that data to suggest results or terms. Although it may seem like a small feature, your customers will appreciate a customized experience.

● Apply Autocorrections - It is very common for people to accidentally search for misspelled words, especially when they are searching on a mobile browser or app. If you neglect these cases, you might lose out on potential customers who believe you don't stock their desired items.

Site search functionality is of crucial importance to any ecommerce website. It can be considered as a developmental milestone to introduce your products to customers and enhance conversion rates.

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