How can you use intelligent search with Progressive Web Apps?

PWA is a hybrid site and web app.

Improving the conversion rate of your online store involves only three steps: Activating Google, launching PWA, and making a purchase. Let's find out what PWA really means for business owners.

PWA is a simple mobile application in a browser through which users can easily interact with your company. The main advantage is that, unlike apps from Google Play or the App Store, there is no installation required. You can add your site to the desktop for offline interaction. It's just fantastic!

The future of e-commerce is the Progressive Web Application!

Progressive Web Apps

New opportunities with Progressive Web App for any online business

According to recent research, smartphone users have become less active in installing apps on their devices. At the same time, sales volume through mobile channels in e-commerce is only increasing and should reach approximately 73% in 2021. Almost everyone has a smartphone, so it is very important to use all available tools to optimize for a mobile experience.

New opportunities with Progressive Web App for any online business

Marketers and consumers both enjoy the flexibility of PWA. The main reasons include:

1. Easy downloading to iPads, smartphones, laptops and another devices. With PWAs, users are not dependent on individual app stores.

Since 2019, PWA is automatically installed on the main screen without an app or Google Play

2. Reduce page loading time. PWAs sites load faster than normal sites, even if the network connection is insufficient.

3. Ability to work even if there is no Internet connection. The new Progressive Web Application works continuously, which increases the rate of conversion. So, a customer can add the product to their cart and view the basic information. The purchase process is completed automatically when the connection is restored.

PWA has a separate shell, so it runs without a browser after installation.

4. Activating push notifications. The company can always stay in touch with all of their consumers. Because of this, the company can increase engagement, make it simpler to retain visitors, and expand the number of new customers.

5. HTTPS secures the transmission of data

The process of loading a site is faster with PWA. All components of the site are sent to the cache during the first “acquaintance" between the user with the resource.

With PWA, any user can understand the simple interface. It is pleasant to interact with it. Pages load faster and products can be found offline. It's easy to save products or place an order.

The Progressive Web App provides invaluable opportunities for e-commerce projects

The Progressive Web App provides invaluable opportunities for e-commerce projects

PWA technology for e-commerce: when to implement

An online business owner should consider creating an application site in the following cases:

  • There is no budget for developing a separate app.
  • The business belongs to the “small" category by the standards of e-commerce.
  • A key factor of the company's work is prompt service
  • Conversion rates of your site are still falling
  • There is a desire to improve the customer experience for mobile phones.

PWA for SEO promotion

Google is positive about new web development and supports different mobile technologies. For example, AMP pages in mobile search results are higher priority. Taking this fact into account, it is easy to determine that PWA technology can be a factor in good site ranking. After all, for search engines, such a hybrid site is ranked in the same way as a simple website. The owner of the online store decides which search features to offer internally to navigate the site.

And here is where our intelligent Evinent Search can step in to assist. With Evinent Search, you can analyze the behavior of visitors and change search parameters. Due to this innovative and flexible technology, your customers will keep buying more. As you learn more about the advantages of Evinent Search, you'll see your page views grow and your products sell faster. REQUEST DEMO.

Fighting Fraud in Manufacturing

According to economists, manufacturing businesses are ranked fourth in the number of reported fraud cases and second in total money lost out of all industries. The most common types of fraud are related to corruption, fraudulent payoffs, and doctored financial records.

Battling fraud is complicated by the fact that fraud in manufacturing usually continues for two years before it is detected. Occupational fraud is more likely to be detected by accident than by internal or external audit and controls.

The most common reason that companies are vulnerable to fraud is a lack of sufficient controls and analysis to detect suspicious behavior. The most sensitive areas are accounting, financial operations, materials, and supply chain.

These are several methods that businesses can use to develop a strong policy on preventing fraud

Costs Optimization During the Financial Crisis

Every business, big or small, must re-evaluate its strategy and conduct an effective audit to monitor ongoing changes. Otherwise, these businesses risk remaining in unstable, costly positions that leave them vulnerable to market volatility.

Risk Management Tools: Principles of Choice

In order to prevent and manage risks to businesses, careful planning and consideration are needed. No company or individual is beyond the reach of certain risks.

That's why many organizations rely onrisk management solutions and enterprise management software to assist them.

The first step for companies is to research what tools are out there and see which risk enterprise management solution has the components you need to meet your internal goals.

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