5 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Marketing

5 Steps to Scaling Your Marketing

Constant development is the key to the successful operation of any company. If you don't keep moving forward, your competitors will sweep in to steal customers and market share. In order to stay relevant, you should pay attention to your marketing and resources. The right marketing strategies promote your products and help your brand enter new markets.

The 80/20 Paretto principle works applies to the issue of scaling your marketing. 20% of your efforts can achieve 80% growth. It remains for you to determine the exact 20% that will push your organization into a better stage of development.

Digital technologies empower businesses to optimize their processes and effectively scale their marketing efforts. For example, you can use programs and tools to assess company performance. Analysis can help you identify which methods work and then adapt your efforts to meet specific indicators.

In order to properly scale marketing, you must evaluate the collective effect of customer behavior, advertising campaigns, and lead-generation efforts.

5 Steps to Scaling Your Marketing

Step 1: Magic Search Engine Optimization

Modern marketing managers should never underestimate the importance of SEO when optimizing a website. Over 6.5 million requests are executed on the World Wide Web in a day. Every minute is a new opportunity to attract your target audience.

To make search engine optimization really magical for your business, try these steps:

  1. Analyze the keywords that people can use to get to your site.
  2. Create content that will meet visitors' requests.
  3. Make the site fast, easy to navigate, and reliable from a technical side.

Step 2: Profitable Contextual Advertising

Setting up search advertising in Google can scale not only marketing, but also the entire business. The right advertising helps you rise to the top of relevant search results for key queries.

  1. Invest your advertising budget in promoting search terms that increase traffic and have a proven positive impact.
  2. Optimize advertising campaigns and track the results.
  3. Improve your ads by testing different key queries.
  4. Stop ads that don't generate the desired effect.

Step 3: Convincing Display Advertising

Your business should have a point of contact with customers. Digital display advertising can be an excellent and profitable way to reach consumers. Advertising can work successfully with both neutral and cold audiences by providing information about your products and delivering a push to buy. In other words, it moves such an audience into the category of hot customers. Digital display advertising options may include banners, targeting, videos, etc.

Convincing Display Advertising

By streamlining your digital display advertising, you can increase your presence in the life of the target audience without increasing marketing expenses.

Step 4: Smart Lead Generation

Any growing company should create a database of potential customers with certain contact details. SEO optimization, social network engagement, and advertising campaigns can increase interactions with the public. Creating a registration form on the site, placing “call to action" buttons, and enabling push-notifications are other strategies to attract and keep customers.

Step 5: Absolute Automation

The core function of marketing is to send the right message to potential clients/customers at the best time. If the scope of work in your marketing department increases, and you need several campaigns launched simultaneously, staying lean becomes more difficult. Difficult, but not impossible with the proper set of tools for analyzing, tracking, and optimizing your work.

Our Evinent Analytics product is the perfect partner for busy marketing departments. With improved data and behavioral analysis capabilities, you will be able to more effectively build favorable relationships with customers.

The potential of our platform is limitless. It isn't restricted to simply forecasting sales trends. Our Evinent tools also allow you to communicate with customers, analyze advertising campaigns, and make the right management decisions.

The predictive power of Evinent Analytics will allow your company to overtake competitors, increase revenue, and enhance the effectiveness of your core business strategy.

If you want to scale your business, there's no better time to start than right now!

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