Customer Data Platform vs other Marketing Tools for E-commerce

At first glance, CDP could be strongly associated with other e-commerce marketing tools created to manage customer data and complex data systems.

CRMs and Data Management Platforms (DMPs) both seem to have very similar functionality.

Customer Data Platform

CRMs are typically used by sales managers while DMPs are used for building up advertising for targeted audiences. CDPs are intended to be used by marketing teams and operations managers.

CDP is the only one of these three platforms that can manage omni-channel personalization and cover both product and customer management.

CDP's main functionality is deeply grounded in the needs of typical e-commerce companies

They frequently include the following:

Connect online and offline data

CDPs receive data from different sources like brick and mortar stores, CRM data, or transactional data and collect them into one unified platform. This allows marketing professionals to create new strategies and practical tools by connecting online and offline data into one seamless experience.

Customer segmentation and personalization

Almost all CDPs offer powerful segmentation capabilities. This makes it easy to find out who your highest value customer groups are and provide personalized services based on their preferences.

Best product recommendations for customers

Some CDP developers even offer product recommendations as an integrated part of their platform, making it even easier to give customers a more personalized experience. It can also be strengthened within an existing e-commerce ecosystem by combination CDP with Search Bar functions.

Predictive analytics

CDPs analyze customer behavior, which includes tracking customer behavior, what is most attractive to customers, and what is least successful.

Customer behavior can be an important predictor of future actions, such as making a purchase or starting a project.

CDPs can easily manage all actions that a customer takes, analyze them, and then predict next steps to help customers reach a target score.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) solves some of e-commerce's hardest challenges by gathering and simplifying actionable insights from different sources. This data helps businessowners create and store unified records of all customers and their attributes.

Our Evinent Analytics CDP creates a single 360° customer view and targets your customers with the right product and messaging no matter where they are.


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