Autocomplete as a site search feature

Autocomplete is a search feature that enables search engines to predict a query and make suggestions in real time as a user types it.

The user can choose any of the autocomplete suggestions to begin the search without needing to type out the full query.

Sites from a variety of industries can use autocomplete to help users navigate, locate products, or find content.

Frustrated customers are often unable to find what they're looking for, even if the vendor has the relevant products in stock.

Autocomplete as a site search feature

This issue of missed opportunities can be exacerbated by poor autocomplete features that complicate the search process.

For example, here are some common issues that negatively influence the user experience on ecommerce sites:

  • No results - Suggestions that send the user to a page with no products.
  • Duplicates - When the same query is suggested multiple times in the autocomplete list.
  • Only categories suggestions - For instance, when typing, suggestions won't appear past the category level of any given product. Therefore, categories will appear, but attributes like color, size, material, or brand will not be included in suggestions.

Many large retailers are facing these troubles as consumers expect them to implement all necessary features to make their product search process more convenient.

Few users know how to shift search strategies to get more effective results. Autocomplete can help solve this problem by:

  • Suggesting successful queries - Showing users some popular queries that usually produce positive results improves the odds of the user staying on the site and navigating further without losing interest.
  • Diminishing search time - Autocomplete can reduceerrors and display relevant results faster, minimizing the chances of an unsatisfactory search.
  • Enhancing user experience - Helping users find content faster and easier creates a better user experience. Thus, your customers will feel more satisfied with your service. This can both improve brand awareness and increase sales conversions.

Our approach is to supply our customers with an autocomplete service that improves existing search bar functionality. There are no requirements for customization and new features can be integrated into your website framework within a day.

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