Dynamic Filters in Site Search

Dynamic filters is one of the most important features in Evinent Search.

With this function, lists of products or filters with values are generated instantly during a search query.

The value of dynamic filters lies in the complexity of independent implementation. To set up dynamic filters, you need to be able to implement filters for a broad range of product groups that belong to different categories.

This is especially difficult for online stores that offer a variety of products -electronics, clothing, household appliances, jewelry, toys, etc.

Dynamic Filters in Site Search

Potential users need to take into account that:

  • Items can have completely different properties.
  • Certain items do not have any properties.
  • Some products with a certain property are better suited for different values.

For example, in the search, you can limit the product group by using the query "computer accessories."

Next, you can use filters for a more precise search by specifying a certain category or product, such as "computer mouse" or "USB device" or "SDD memory."

How do dynamic filters work?

In simple terms, the user enters a query in the search box and instantly sees filter groups generated by the tool.

Filters are formed from the characteristics of relevant products for this query, without reference to the catalog. Products are pulled from different categories. You can sort items by:

  • Category
  • Tag
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Any other parameters based on your needs

Convenience of filters and the impact of integration on interface design

Thanks to the features of Evinent Search, a user is only a couple of clicks away from making a purchase.

If a large number of results are found, filters can help you quickly and accurately narrow the results.

Buyers do not want to think about how to write and refine their search query. It is important that this function never leads to an empty result. Filtering narrows down the searches for the desired query, but always offers suitable products.

The implementation of filters does not visually change the search results page and does not require additional design development.

You can use the interface design from your product catalog, which is already familiar to regular and repeat customers.

Advanced features await our customers in the Enterprise package

In this plan, you get all the basic functionality as well as

  • Our expertise, in which we analyze and improve the search results up to 80%.
  • Customization of search and ranking algorithms, interface and content design, and the appearance of the search bar.
  • Semantics for your field of activity.
  • Search auto-suggestions an analysis of clicks.


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