How does search analysis increase conversion?

What is search analysis, and why is it important for business? What type of search analytics can help increase conversion and build a more trusting relationship with customers? Learn how to use search results to improve your business.

How to Use Search Analysis to Improve Your Business

Site search is a point of interaction between customers and the company. People who know what they want to buy go to an online store with a specific purpose: order an iron, a vacuum cleaner, a laptop, etc. The search bar simplifies finding an item instead of looking through multiple categories. In exchange, visitors often reward the site by making a purchase. Thus, search helps increase sales and conversion. But that's not all. The search function on your website is also a good opportunity to get to know customers better. This is where search analytics come in.

Up to 30 percent of site visitors use the search bar to find the specific product they came for.

The queries that people enter are valuable information for businessowners. Collecting this data allows you to improve the customer experience and your overall marketing strategies. Let's look into this topic in greater detail.

search analysis increase conversion

Why search analysis is important for companies

Search analysis helps you study user behavior and search bar inputs on your site. Specific behaviors might include the use of keywords or filters, clicking on a suggestion, etc.

Search analysis empowers you to adapt your site based on your customers' needs and wants.

For example, in an online store, you can identify products that are popular with customers and focus sales advertising on those core items. Sites that provide informational content can track popular topics and write more articles with those themes.

Top 3 site search indicators to watch

Search analysis is an indispensable way of measuring the performance of your site and uating the completeness of your online content. When analyzing this information, it's important to pay attention to three main indicators.

The search queries that visitors enter most often

This directly shows what people are interested in and what is important to them.

Zero results

This metric allows you to understand what is missing on your site. Based on this indicator, you can determine new categories of goods for sale. Another development option is to add synonyms for products that are frequently searched for on your site. For example, in a store that sells shoes, there might not be a search result for the word "shoes" if they're called something else like “heels." If a person enters "shoes" without synonyms in place, then there won't be any results even though the store carries shoes.

Inefficient searches

These are cases when people did not click on the products that the search system offered them. This behavior means that the results did not meet their expectations or were not at all what those people were looking for. In this case, you need to work on keywords and synonyms, then check where the search.

Top 3 site search indicators to watch

How to use the results of search analysis to increase conversion

The efficacy of using smart search can be easily measured by uating the resulting increase in your conversion rate. For example, our Evinent Search tool increases sales by 30 percent or more. Here's how to achieve such high indicators, taking into account the need to analyze your search results:

  • Promote pages by key search queries.
  • Correct search queries that lead to "zero results" pages.
  • Improve content if users don't go to pages in search results.
  • Update the design of the site so that the content becomes more accessible to users.

In order for your search to work correctly and collect data for analysis, you must first choose the right tool. Our intelligent Event Search tool is suitable for all industries and offers search by various keywords, prints, colors, attributes, synonyms, and more.

As for analytics, Evinent Search is unbeatable. Our search provides a broad range of functions to improve search analysis: auditing query words, viewing a table with results, uating null queries, studying customer behavior during search, and adding equivalent words, among others. You can uate all the features of Evinent Search by trying out the demo version. Find out more by visiting our product page.

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