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Implementing smart search in the Azerbaijani language: secrets to e-commerce success in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a large republic of Transcaucasia, which has an actively growing e-commerce market. Every year, e-commerce is gaining momentum, so it is of particular interest to those who want to have a successful business in this region.

The pandemic made e-commerce even more prominent. Today, many users appreciate the opportunities and advantages of online shopping. After all, such purchases are convenient, fast, and safe in all respects. That is especially important during a pandemic.

According to forecasts, in 2021, the revenue from e-commerce in Azerbaijan will reach $520 million, and by 2025, the number of users will reach almost 4 million.

Smart search on websites in Azerbaijani

Top 5 facts about the e-commerce market in Azerbaijan

Unlike many other countries, the e-commerce market in Azerbaijan is still in its infancy, but it is already showing positive growth.

  1. The country is ranked 65 out of 152 in the Global e-commerce Index (according to data for 2020).
  2. There was an increase in activity in the B2C segment (delivery of goods to individuals from businesses).
  3. According to the preliminary calculations of experts, e-commerce accounts for 5% of total sales in Azerbaijan. Excluding everyday goods, it accounts for 10%. (For comparison, the percentage was previously 3–4%.)
  4. In June 2021, the population of Azerbaijan spent about 450 million manats on e-commerce using bank cards. This is a record monthly figure in the country.
  5. Compared to 2020, purchases on electronic trading platforms have increased by almost 45% (according to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan).

Such rapid development requires quick and decisive actions from entrepreneurs and businessmen. After all, the field of e-commerce is being improved daily. New functions and capabilities simplify the life of internet users. At the same time, they make online buyers more demanding.

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How to implement a search engine with support for the Azerbaijani language

Online shopping is convenient and fast. For this reason, many customers choose this form of shopping. Therefore, companies that enter the e-commerce market need to set and meet a high bar. Offering a quality shopping experience can increase customer loyalty and your income.

One of the most important factors is having a website that's accessible to customers from different target audiences. It should have an easy-to-understand design, convenient navigation, relevant content, and, most importantly, allow customers to quickly find desired products.

If you want to offer the best user experience for customers, a search bar must be present on your site. The best way to incorporate a search function is to use an intelligent search engine with support for any language spoken by potential buyers. Since e-commerce is actively developing in Azerbaijan, we have implemented support for the Azerbaijani language in our Evinent Search platform.

10 functions that Evinent Search provides

Before installing smart search in Azerbaijani, you should evaluate the capabilities of your platform. It's very important that our intelligent search supports important key functions, such as autofill. This reduces the time it takes to search for a product and build a positive relationship with the customer.

Evinent Search in Azerbaijani has the following functions:

  1. Provides preliminary results when entering a query
  2. Includes a statistics panel for queries
  3. Autofills keywords and variants with slightly different endings
  4. Supports custom search filters (by brand, category, price, etc.)
  5. Corrects all spelling errors
  6. Returns results on derivatives
  7. Supports multilingual versions of websites
  8. Returns results on synonyms
  9. Transliteration of words (from Latin to extended latin letters and vice versa).
  10. Offers search analytics

To install smart search in the Azerbaijani language on your website and increase your e-commerce revenue, we recommend starting with the free version of Evinent Search. In the trial version, several of our key features will still be available to you: error correction, autofill, query history, and multilingual support. We offer favorable terms developed by a collaborative team. With the help of our intelligent search platform, you will stand out from competitors and provide more value to your loyal customers.


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