Software Engineering Process

Each of the software products developed starts with methodical research to find suitable solutions for your business requirements. At Evinent, organization of designers then prepare mock-ups which we present to clients before proceeding into the development phase. An opportunity to discuss mock-ups with developers so any corrections, concerns or questions is given to clients.

Evinent developers utilize SCRUM agile software development methodology during any development phase of web applications, so customers can get receive demo within just two weeks. This timeline is still effective even if an app concept is the desired project. By scheduling demos meetings for customers, we go over implemented functionality alongside clients, scoping and identifying all issues present. These meetings may occur every few days, scheduled when our team works out their strategy for approaching this idea, utilizing technology integration.

SCRUM method utilizes a unique infrastructure in developing any type of program. There are three main roles within this agile approach in our company:

1. Product Owner

Product owners have the vision of what their software or app could become, including being available for all questions about said product.

2. Scrum Master

Scrum Master is the connecting link between product owner and team. One of the more vital roles played by Scrum Master, ensuring there are no distractions or impediments with said project. Their responsibility is ensuring workers can be creative while reaching stated goals on any assignment.

3. Team Members

Team members are directly involved with software engineering process. Qualified software engineers are our backbone, as they are creative and technology driven, which is behind every completed project.

Through utilizing this methodology, it allows us to keep web applications, “potentially shippable". Meaning, each project could be given to clients on any given day. Essentially, this approach is a building block, where every step builds onto previous steps. While software may not reach one hundred percent in each step, it is still functional every step of the way. It grants businesses serenity, knowing their product will be available whenever they may need it with milestones and due dates set up to fall continuously during testing.

We believe that customers should receive the most important functionality in an application sooner rather than later. As such, each project becomes divided into tasks. These tasks become prioritized per suit requirements or business needs. A detailed scope allows focus on important tasks first, essential for application functioning. Our research process being utilized, allows new milestones and due dates added when needed.

In the technology world, other research methods like Waterfall methodology can be used. However, we find after analyzing timelines and cost, the technologies we use allow for better results. In every project, a development cycle starts with creativity, adding in communication from client to software engineer. Plus, our agile methodologies, it creates streamlined processes for quality application.

Evinent is a Germany-based company specializing in developing platforms for mobile devices and delivering B2B and B2C solutions without compromising on outstanding user experience. At Evinent, we take pride in transparency and detailed planning throughout the entire process, our aim being to completely fulfil our customers' needs and boost their business success.
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