Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Evinent approaches quality assurance and control of software with the customer in mind. Each piece of software that leaves our company goes through numerous manual and automated testing phases, along with independent tests that we deem necessary to ensure this software is of the highest quality on the market.

We test various components of the software and control each step of the process via reliable bug-trackers we use allow for good results. Our procedure includes answering questions such as:

1. Does the product meet the demands for which it was initially designed?

2. Does it run in the intended environments/operation systems without issues?

3. Is there little lag time when using this product? Does it perform to the standard that we have set?

4. Independent examination is performed within the alpha stage of testing. This is then followed by beta testing which is done in house by our examining experts.

These are just a few of the scenarios that we test for. However, quality measuring contains an infinite number of aspects in which we could test and we can approach these measurements in several different manners. Ultimately, the quality assurance and quality control of software is meant to find all bugs that could affect the user of this software.

When software is developed, the examinations start at the beginning of the process. While many other companies may simply test the product once it is complete, we prefer to approach this along the way. We want the end product to be flawless for customers. Therefore, our testing experts are constantly monitoring the software that is being designed from each stage of our software engineering processes. Evinent strives for one hundred percent quality, which is only achieved with the measuring and thorough examination of the software from start to finish, utilizing the latest methodologies and our own experience in the technology world. It is only when the product passes our rigorous tests that we can stamp the software as being approved for market use.

Evinent is a Germany-based company specializing in developing platforms for mobile devices and delivering B2B and B2C solutions without compromising on outstanding user experience. At Evinent, we take pride in transparency and detailed planning throughout the entire process, our aim being to completely fulfil our customers' needs and boost their business success.
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