IT and Consulting

Our IT consulting services help clients align their business strategy with digital products improving their productivity and performance. At Evinent, we provide clients IT advising services creating a seamless experience that will provide desired results. We understand business requirements deeply, ensuring efficient, successful IT advice. Evinent consulting services (technology consulting, methodology consulting, QA consulting) are top notch, focused on products producing a life cycle that will show clients results for the long haul.

Whether you need updated systems, improve productivity or enhance current methods, our team efficiently provides reliable solutions that have power, transforming your business. Perfect technological solution for various industries, only achieved through having knowledge within the IT world, high standards, an agile approach to software development, discussing options from all perspectives, guaranteeing all corners are covered in any problem needing resolutions.

Creating custom business solutions is our specialty. By employing custom options, customers easily stay ahead of competitors. Custom options are made, including software, for various industries, so get in touch to receive a consultation. Our QA advising and IT consultation teams have worked with Healthcare, e-Commerce, provide business SAAS solutions, efficiently bringing success. This same method renders success businesses. Quality assurance and quality control: two aspects we focus on when working alongside customers.

Information technology industry constantly changes. New technologies arrive daily. IT consultancy ensures success via any business venture. Technology advising is the only method businesses rely on when wanting better performance within their market, staying ahead of competitors. IT consultancy consists of analyzing businesses via several approaches, including:

1. Methodology Consulting: Discussing various software development methodologies, arriving at business goals. This could also include software development consulting.

2. Industry Consulting: Reviewing industries, discovering what methods/software development works, examining applications of said methods…necessary steps, ensuring success with new products.

3. QA consulting: Analyzing the technology quality being utilized, making improvements where needed. Logistics plays huge success roles.

4. Managed IT Services: These make it easier on any business to see success via their market, allowing focus on important matters, knowing capable hands are handling business. This offering allows businesses spend more time via what matters the most: customers.

When you approach us for consultancy services, we listen and understand your goals before recommending strategies, so you can rest assured your business is in good hands. This consulting approach is a process involving communication, ensuring everyone receives an agile methodology towards any goal.

Evinent is a Ukrainian-based company specializing in developing platforms for mobile devices and delivering B2B and B2C solutions without compromising on outstanding user experience. At Evinent, we take pride in transparency and detailed planning throughout the entire process, our aim being to completely fulfil our customers' needs and boost their business success.
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