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search bar in e-commerce

Search bar on your website: opportunities

The search bar incorporated into a website can be treated as a kind of conversation window between the user and the website or mobile app. After experiencing trouble with site navigation, users have other options like searching keywords. They will expect to find relevant items, products, or services.

what is an XML feed

XML feed: Why do you need it to partner with Evinent Search?

In order to install the Evinent smart search engine on your site, you must provide our developers with a data feed. In this article, we will provide you some crucial information to guide you through the formation of the feed, even if you have not worked with this type of upload before.

help customers find the products

3 Reasons to Use Evinent Search as a Search Engine

If you are looking for a service to help your customers find products on your online shop or marketplace site, Evinent Search is an ideal choice. You can make the most of this service by using keywords on your site to help customers find the products they want. Instead of making customers search on their own, Evinent Search narrows down the products that they may want to buy.

dynamic filters

Dynamic Filters in Site Search

Dynamic filters is one of the most important features in Evinent Search. With this function, lists of products or filters with values are generated instantly during a search query. The value of dynamic filters lies in the complexity of independent implementation. To set up dynamic filters, you need to be able to implement filters for a broad range of product groups that belong to different categories.

dynamic filter search

Managing out-of-stock products on ecommerce sites

When a customer does not find a product on your site, they assume that you are not selling it and leave to look at competitors' offerings. Imagine that someone is digging through your site or looking for a product directly by using your internal search. If they don't find what they're looking for, they'll assume that you don't stock it.

Evinent Content Management System

Evinent Digital Success Ecosystem

One of the most important pillars of online marketing is understanding that most consumers are more likely to change online shops or brands if a company doesn't send them personalized communications. That is where we come in. We have created a digital ecosystem with a powerful set of digital solutions designed to satisfy high-level business expectations and enhance individual customer experiences.

search engines

Search Engines: Solutions for Your Website

Search engines are smart machines that provide quick answers. They exist to discover, understand, and organize web content to offer the most relevant results to users' questions. If your site can't be found, there's no way you'll ever show up in the results page. The same is true for online shops and other e-commerce companies that need to maximize effectiveness and revenue by helping their potential customers find the right products and services on their websites.

e-commerce solutions for small business

Solutions for e-commerce to stop losing money

Many online shops, including big e-commerce retailers, vary in terms of popularity, market position, and specialization according to their respective industries and target audiences. But the common factor for all is that every website can be regarded as successful when it increases the number of visits, new customers, customers with repeat visits, and purchases to achieve higher revenue.

search engines

What is Evinent Search?

Imagine that a customer goes to an online store, does not find the right product, and then moves on to a competitor. Since the product the customer wanted is not found, the store is losing a "hot" customer who is prepared to make a purpose. A bad search is a conversion eater; it takes up to 50% of buyers away from the site. According to statistics, visitors who use the search function on a site are more likely to make purchases. These are exactly the customers that marketers are fighting for.

risk management solutions

Risk Management Tools: Principles of Choice

In order to prevent and manage risks to businesses, careful planning and consideration are needed. No company or individual is beyond the reach of certain risks. That's why many organizations rely onrisk management solutions and enterprise management software to assist them. The first step for companies is to research what tools are out there and see which risk enterprise management solution has the components you need to meet your internal goals.


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