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a/b testing

What is e-commerce A/B testing? How does the test help improve the effectiveness of an internet resource?

A/B testing (split-testing) is an effective marketing analysis method for finding the best business solutions. With competent testing, you can both increase your conversion rate and project future online income. What is split testing and how does it work?

customer data in ecommerce

Why should companies collect and analyze customer data in e-commerce?

What is customer data in e-commerce and what we should do with it? What are the main types of customer data. How is the collection and analysis of customer information related to the success of a business strategy and the conversion rate of advertising offers?

fraud in business operations

IT Technologies for Fighting Fraud in Business Operations

Fraud and scams happen in all kinds of companies in virtually every industry. It's a pity, but organizations don't take enough steps to fight back against fraud. This lack of initiative is either because it does not occur every day or because companies, both public and private, don't have enough experience and professional resources to manage the task.

omnichannel retail strategies

Omni-channel retail strategies

Retail shopping practices have dramatically changed over the years, creating new opportunities to apply technology in different ways and increase revenue. However, many things remain the same. Shoppers continue to check prices, compare products, read reviews, and consult friends or social media before buying. This article unpacks what is hidden in the phrase “omni-channel retail practices."

fraud prevention software

The role of fraud prevention software in business safety

Fraud prevention and detection management are essential processes for businesses to protect their assets and operations. Continuous analysis of company functions that affect finances can strengthen security and help to detect unauthorized activity. IT technology provides solutions that can upgrade a company's level of security and install monitoring for both financial operations and complex processes like supply chain.

Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform vs other Marketing Tools for E-commerce

At first glance, CDP could be strongly associated with other ecommerce marketing tools created to manage customer data and complex data systems. CRMs and Data Management Platforms (DMPs) both seem to have very similar functionality.

customer data platform

What makes Customer Data Platform a unique marketing tool?

In this article, we'd like to mark some fundamental differences that make CDP (Customer Data Platform) a unique and versatile option for a variety of businesses in comparison to existing technology solutions. Let's dive more into the main differences between Customer Data Platform and tools like CRM, DMP (Data Management Platform), or Delivery systems.

search bar optimization

How To Optimize Search Bars For E-commerce Websites

In this article, we will lead you through how to enhance the customer experience and conversion rates on your e-commerce website by optimizing search bar functionality. An enhanced search bar will help visitors quickly locate what they're looking for among thousands of items on your site.

best mobile search site

Mobile site search: how to attract more customers

Nowadays, more people search on mobile phones than computers or even laptops. They're also more likely to leave a site if it isn't mobile-friendly or properly customized for mobile navigation. Mobile-friendly platforms and quick navigation are key to providing a satisfactory user experience. However, these two elements alone don't always lead to success in website optimization. Content also plays a significant role.

search autocomplete

Autocomplete as a site search feature

Autocomplete is a search feature that enables search engines to predict a query and make suggestions in real time as a user types it. The user can choose any of the autocomplete suggestions to begin the search without needing to type out the full query. Sites from a variety of industries can use autocomplete to help users navigate, locate products, or find content.


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