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zero-party data

Zero-Party Data and a Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Business: What's the Connection?

What is zero-party data and how companies get it? How important are they for your business? Discover the advantages of zero-party data, value for analysis, and how the Evinent Analytics tool will help your business.

user behavior

User behavior is an important ranking factor. Evinent Analytics is the best tool for measuring the user experience

Does user behavior affect a site's position in Google search results? How can «click-through rate» (CTR) be used for SEO and site promotion?

personalized advertising

What is the advantage of personalized advertising? Evinent Analytics is the best tool for your business

Personalizing product recommendations provides significant benefits to both you and your customers by improving efficiency. Recommendation blocks allow shoppers to buy more goods without seeing items that aren't relevant to their needs. Evinent Analytics can help you create personalized ads to entice customers to buy.

site search tool

The site search tool for e-commerce. What key features should it support?

A smart site search engine is an essential tool for increasing sales. What key features should a site search engine provide in order to satisfy customer requests and help companies sell more?

customer lifetime value

The customer lifetime value (CLV) or loan-to-value (LTV) and its role for business development

Customer lifetime value is a key indicator that affects customer relationships and revenue for businesses. What issues can CLV solve? How does it help run a business? How can you improve customer relationships to increase CLV?

marketing trends in 2021

How to attract customers in the field of e-commerce: marketing trends in 2021

Smart site search engine, intelligent search technology, multi-channel shopping, and other e-commerce marketing trends. What should marketers pay attention to in order to promote online businesses in 2021? What should they do to reach the TOP and beat the competition?

progressive web apps

How can you use intelligent search with Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is changing the world of e-commerce. What is this unique technology, and what opportunities does it offer? How does PWA affect your conversion rate? Using Evinent Search leads to three times more page views.

generation alpha and the future of ecommerce

How to use data about new consumers in the e-commerce market to increase sales

Why is it important for all companies that want to grow and develop to take into account the interests of children born after 2010? What is Generation Alpha? What are the typical features of children in Generation Alpha? Why is this demographic such an important link in the e-commerce market?

conversion efficiency

Conversion Efficiency of Websites and Mobile Apps: Numerical Data and Arguments

Over 50% of internet traffic consists of mobile users. Many e-commerce businesses have two major sources of online sales: mobile applications and websites. What kind of channel can increase your conversion rate, and why?

search bar

Why is the Search Bar a Significant Factor for E-Commerce Sites?

The search bar is a significant factor for e-commerce sites. What goals does the search bar help achieve, and why do online businesses need one? Research supports the need for an efficient search bar to increase sales and improve the user experience.


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