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ecommerce market in Azerbaijan

Smart search on websites in Azerbaijani | Intelligent platform Evinent Search

What is happening with the e-commerce market in Azerbaijan? Review the top five important facts about the state of e-commerce in the sunny republic of Transcaucasia. Choose Evinent Search smart search for your eCommerce business.

tips to improve ecommerce conversion rates

5 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Marketing

Discover the main steps to scale your marketing and become a leader in your segment. Learn how to beat the competition with the help of modern digital technologies. Evaluate the capabilities of the Evinent Analytics platform for predictive analytics.

ecommerce loyalty program

Why is a loyalty program important in e-commerce? How can you build long-term client relationships?

How can a loyalty program allow you to increase your company's online sales? What should a loyalty program include in the current conditions? There are several key features and programs that will help attract more customers.

recommendations in ecommerce

How product recommendations affect sales in e-commerce

What are recommendation blocks on a site for? What problems can they help solve? Recommendations may appear in different locations on sites. What is the best format for using recommendation blocks to attract customers and increase sales?

how to increase the number of repeat purchases

Ways to increase the number of repeat purchases | Evinent Analytics Platform

What defines regular customers? What is the significance of having regular customers? Understanding regular customers can be key to increasing company profits and achieving repeat purchases. The Evinent Analytics platform is the best way to obtain data about customers.

how to make a website search bar

How to make a website search bar that users will like | Search Engine Explicit search

The search function is a mandatory element of any client-oriented site. What should it be like? What is important to add? What is better not to use? What opportunities can the Evinent Search engine provide?

marketing and cookies

What are cookies in online marketing? | Benefits of the Evinent Analytics platform

What are cookies and their role in setting up ads? What's happening with cookie support in 2021? Is there an alternative to cookies? Methods for setting up ads without cookies.

choose a search engine

Choosing the right search engine for a website | Top 5 required features

Search functions on sites help to increase sales and improve the level of service. What kind of search engine should you choose based on function? These are the most important factors that search engines should have for your site.

customer-centric marketing

What is customer-centric marketing for e-commerce?

What is customer-oriented marketing? Why should companies distinguish between their customers? How can you improve customer focus? These are the best methods for increasing consumer loyalty to your brand.


SKU and UPC in Online Commerce

What is the difference between UPC (universal code) and SKU (product code)? What role does the article play for companies that offer their services online? Is it worth implementing the “search by article" function on your site? What benefits do you get?


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