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artificial intelligence in ecommerce

Why your online stores needs artificial intelligence

How does artificial intelligence help save resources and time, and increase conversion by 30 percent? What functions does it perform, and why are they necessary for every brand in the field of e-commerce? Read more in our article to get detailed information about how artificial intelligence can work for your business.

data aggregation

How to develop your business using data aggregation

What is data aggregation, and how does it help to scale your business? What tools collect data for analysis, and why shouldn't it be done manually? How is it possible to use the Evinent Analytics tool for data aggregation?

smart search content

Why Do Websites Need a Search Function for Content?

In terms of searching for products and content, why do we always talk about the former but forget about the latter? More information is needed about the importance of content search on ecommerce sites. Find out how to increase the number of customers using this function.

customer lifecycle

How does a customer’s lifecycle help you earn more?

Explore the differences between the concept of a customer's lifecycle and their path. Review the five main stages of the customer lifecycle and the important features of each. How should site owners manage the customer lifecycle, and why should they use the Evinent Analytics platform?

search function in javascript

How and why should you improve the search function on your site?

Why isn't it enough to install a basic search on a site, and why should it be regularly optimized instead? What are some ways to improve a search function? How do they help to perfect the user experience and increase conversion rates?


The main differences between data collection platforms: CDP, DMP, and CRM

What is CRM and DMP, and how do they differ from CDP? Which platform allows you to get more data about clients? Do you need to use just one of the platforms? What features does the Evinent Analytics platform provide?

voice search

Why voice search is a mandatory feature for your site

Learn about voice search in the field of ecommerce and why it's important. Why should a personal website have a voice search function? What benefits can it provide for your online business? Use the Evinent Search tool to implement voice search on your site today.

evinent search engine

How a smart search engine can increase sales by up to 30%

Can a smart search function increase the conversion rate in your online store? YES! Evinent Search will help you do it. Read more about smart search capabilities in this article.

3 types of searches

Website search: 3 main types | Evinent Search — the best search engine

Why does any website need an intelligent search platform? What are the mandatory features a search engine should have? Read about the top 3 types of searches that allow you to provide relevant results, regardless of how a customer enters their query.

zero-results page

How to generate sales with a zero-results page

There are situations when the product that the customer is looking for is not available or in stock. We present five tips on how to keep customers by designing an effective zero-result page.


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