XML feed: Why do you need it to partner with Evinent Search?

In order to install the Evinent smart search engine on your site, you must provide our developers with a data feed.

In this article, we will provide you some crucial information to guide you through the formation of the feed, even if you have not worked with this type of upload before.

There are many file formats that are used to describe site content, such as XML, Excel, TXT, CSV and others. But each site or service has its own recommendations and restrictions for unloading.

XML feed: Why do you need it to partner with Evinent Search?

Let dive more into one of most popular formats as an example.

XML or “eXtensible Markup Language" is a language for describing data. It does nothing else and only serves to structure, store, and transfer information between sites, platforms, or services.

XML is the most common format that stores use to export data to price aggregators and marketplaces.

The functionality of creating a feed is usually basic in online stores and is integrated into most popular CMS. Therefore, if your site is running on a CMS, getting the upload is easy. With just one click on the desired button in the admin panel, you can automatically generate a feed.

But to get a feed from a self-developed site, you need a programmer's help. In this case, the specialist will create the file manually or generate it using a script. Next, we'll tell you what needs to be added to the unload and show how it should look.

The upload can be split into several files by category, product availability, or other parameters. The more information you provide in your feed, the better the search algorithms will recognize user queries.

Information in such files is written using attributes.

To integrate Evinent Search, the required attributes for an online store will include:

  • Category ID
  • Name of category
  • Product ID;
  • Product name
  • Availability
  • Vendor code
  • Product characteristics
  • Brand
  • Product description

In addition to these fields, we recommend entering the product type (special offer, new product, promotion, hit of sales), link, photo link, price, old price, category link, creation date, key fields, and ratings.


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