How to develop your business using data aggregation

Why is data aggregation so important for many companies?

Data is one of the most valuable currencies of the 21st century. There is not a single successful marketing campaign that can be created without data. If you have information regarding how many times people click on a particular product, how often they go to pay, add a product to the cart, and make purchases, then you will definitely be able to increase sales. The only condition is that you must use customer data to the fullest extent possible.

Analysis and aggregation of data are key to the successful development of a marketing campaign.

Let's study the topic of data aggregation in more detail.

Analysis and aggregation

How data aggregation can help brands

Data aggregation is a process in which data is collected from different sources and provided in a generalized format for research purposes. This practice can greatly simplify data for further analysis.

If your business has a multi-channel design, then data aggregation is the best way to collect it in one place.

Data aggregation allows you to create a complete picture of a customer's path to purchase, taking into account each interaction point. This way, you will be able to better understand site visitors and do more to meet their needs and increase conversion.

For example, you can collect data from one advertising campaign to compare it to those that you receive from other promotion channels. This aggregation helps you understand how different demographics or groups perceive your product.

Another purpose of data aggregation is to collect information based on various parameters like profession, age, etc. This grouping is helpful for personalizing customer interactions, which is extremely important in the field of e-commerce.

The collected data helps form successful advertising strategies that take into account the interests or certain parameters of specific groups of people. For example, a campaign can be directed after aggregation at customers of a certain age or gender.

Data aggregation allows your business to get closer to customers and provide personalized content to increase your profits.

Data aggregation allows you to create a single view of the client (SCV), where all the data about consumers is combined into a single record. You may ask why you need this. The fact is that having these combined pieces of information about users in one place enables you to get a 360-degree overview of each customer's actions. The exact end uses and results will depend on the type of data you are collecting.

Top 5 advantages of automated data aggregation

Data aggregation can be performed manually or by using automation programs. These special programs simplify aggregation and make analysis more accurate and easy to understand. Plus, it reduces the amount of time needed to process data points.

Unlike manual aggregation, automation provides the following advantages:

  1. Quick access to the market
  2. Increased sales and business flexibility
  3. Expansion of sales channels
  4. Reduced financial costs due to the fact that you need no to pay for working hours for those who will manually aggregate data
  5. The ability to scale your business
Automation is a necessary part of data collection and analysis. It empowers your company grow and turn into a giant in the world of eCommerce.

advantages of automated data aggregation

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